Foundation Course On Public Policy and Advocacy

National Centre for Advocacy Studies (NCAS) brings to you the Foundation Course on Public Policy & Advocacy. Intensive and rigorous, this two-week course is for every one of you who wants to be an effective change agent, no matter your academic or professional background. Individuals from all fields are welcome to sign up, and we encourage students and young activists to join us. This would be an enviable opportunity to interact with and learn from leading policymakers, academicians and noted development sector professionals as well as social activists. Students looking for block placements/internships can also sign up. NCAS is a reputed and trusted organisation known for its work on people-centred advocacy across the global south. It is a renowned training institution that works with individuals and organisations at various levels including elected representatives, activists, grassroots movements, and policy experts on issues ranging from human rights to governance. In addition to excellent mentors, NCAS also has a rich library of over 4000 books. Join us for an exciting journey this summer! For details, call: 020 -22952003/04 or 8149861505 You can register for the course here

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