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NCAS wishes all its readers a very happy, prosperous, meaningful new year! May the New Year bring rays of hope and happiness for all. The last two months of 2016 sprang surprises and shocks, especially in policies and politics, and pushed the masses into despair and desolation. The world and the Indian citizens are still in shock, trying to come to terms with the hard realities.

Demonetisation has caused great suffering for the ordinary law-abiding citizens of India, and has done very little to unearth black money, is now openly admitted fact. The garb of patriotism can no longer hide the hard realities of currency crunch and slow down of the economy.

Demonetisation has brought many pertinent issues in discussion ranging from the menace of black economy to the autonomy of the Reserve Bank. One question that needs serious attention is the whole question of the social contract between the sovereign power and rights of citizens. This question needs attention as we celebrate 68th Republic Day this month. Prof. Jayati Ghosh has highlighted this question in her article in Frontline. We are reproducing that article here for our readers.

We remember Rohith Vemulla, the research scholar of Hyderabad University who was forced to commit suicide exactly a year ago. The culprits are still scot-free, as the victims of caste-based discrimination continue to suffer in institutions of higher education. We join thousands of student protestors across the country in saluting Rohith for his sacrifice, and in their demand for enactment of a Rohith Act.

In solidarity


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