NCAS strives to be equipped with all diverse resource material in order to facilitate research, dissemination of information, awareness and outreach programmes, capacity building and networking. This is to aid in the work of multiple agencies from grassroots organizations, national and state level not-for-profit bodies and individuals. It is with this intention that NCAS has built a rich collection of publications, journals, working papers, research reports and short films.

NCAS also boasts of an ingenious library which contains more than 4000 books, reports and journals on varied subjects such as development, human rights and justice, governance, communication studies and development communication.

From its work and experience in supporting and initiating multiple advocacy campaigns, it has a collection of over 200 case studies documenting advocacy efforts throughout the length and breadth of the country.

We also have a well equipped Media Room consisting of camera, mike, editing software and other necessary equipment to make short feature films and documentaries.

NCAS has a Conference room with a seating capacity of over 20 people and is well designed to hold small meetings, seminars, conferences and discussion programmes.

Approximating any requirement for services which our resource centre may be able to help with, NCAS is willing to share its resources with CSOs, individuals, independent agencies, support groups.

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