Interface – Vol 6

World Environment Day, globally celebrated on the 5th of June since 1974, is a reminder that there is only one earth. The past few decades have been the worst for the environment in human history; global warming, depletion of the ozone layer, rising sea levels, and higher levels of pollution and emissions. ‘Save the Planet’ is a common
refrain that urges every individual to make environment friendly choices and thereby, save the planet.

While we do need to make environment friendly choices, let’s not fool ourselves into believing that we are doing it for the sake of the planet. Strip away all the slogans, and the glaring truth is that it is humans who need saving. Earth was formed 4.56 million years ago. The Earth has witnessed ice ages and extinction of several species long
before human beings were part of the picture. The recent US withdrawal from the Paris accord in the name of growth is short-sighted. Attempting to gather wealth at the cost of the environment could only lead to a very damning end. It is in the interest of our own survival that we monitor our choices and respect what nature has to offer. The
sustainable goals are aimed at ensuring growth as well as sustainability.

We briefly look at Sustainable Development Goals and state of the environment at the global and national level in this issue of Interface. Let’s keep in mind that there is, indeed, Only One Earth.

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