Transparency & Accountability

Good governance is the basic requirement of any smooth functioning democracy. Amidst the numerous debates over the defining aspects of good governance, certain things remain unquestionable. Two important factors aiding the process of governance are ‘Transparency’ and ‘Accountability’. At NCAS we strongly believe that they should be integrated in all forms of public services to make way for effective and just governance. However, there exist several structural challenges, problems and lack of actions that hamper the realisation of democratic principles.

There have often been arguments whether the card of good governance is only exercised as mere candy to beguile unaware masses and ascend to power. Therefore, it becomes even more critical to review the aspects, question and demand aspects of governance both conceptually and actionwise. Moulding of this understanding and practice into discourse can only bring about momentous changes.

Over the years advocacy campaigns, social activism and rights based crusade on social issues have resulted in several Transparency and Accountability Initiatives (TAIs) in our country. Many initiatives like social audits, community based monitoring in health practices, public hearing, etc. have been institutionalized. However, there still exist spaces that need attention and critical comprehension. Incidentally we are living in times where overlooking of uncertainty and ambiguity in understanding and implementation can obstruct upscaling development. NCAS believes in bridging the serious gaps in our understanding of impacts and effectiveness of TAIs. There is an urgent need to facilitate an interface between social experiments on TAIs and also reach a conceptual consensus. To keep the government and citizen participation equal in the process of governance, it is necessary to adhere to the rules of accountability.

Under the overarching thematic focus on Transparency and Accountability, NCAS aims to bring out resource material in the form of policy analysis, policy briefs and documentary films and conduct activities which propagate this line.

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