Advocacy Internship Programme

Advocacy Internship Programme (AIP) is a unique venture of the National Centre for Advocacy Studies. Since its inception in 1999, AIP aims at developing dedicated and active youth committed to social change and justice. The programme endeavours to instill rights-based perspective in the young interns and updates them with the larger political scenario, knowledge base, and skills required for effective people-centred advocacy. It is designed to prepare young people to work in the field of development and social change through a rigorous process of learning. Academic inputs, capacity building, field experiences and perspective building are important components of this extensive learning programme.

The multidisciplinary course is designed to emphasize a rights-based perspective to social change, focusing on the concepts and practices of people-centred advocacy and human rights activism. The topics covered include the character of Indian society, polity and economy; globalization and imperialism; human rights law and social justice; approaches to social change and social movements; public policy analysis; campaign planning; networking; and research methodologies.

The Advocacy Internship Programme has produced around 80 young advocates who are working in various positions in organizations from grassroots to INGOs.

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