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Aadivasi Jaga Jhala – Rajan Pawra

आदिवासींना आपल्या अधिकाराची जाणीव व्हावी, जल- जंगल- जमीन, उपजीविकेची साधने परत मिळावीत आणि संस्कृती- परंपरेचे रक्षण होऊन स्वतःचे अस्तित्व अबाधित राहावे, याकरिता ‘युनो’ने २००७ मध्ये १३ सप्टेंबर हा दिवस ‘जागतिक आदिवासी अधिकार घोषणा दिन’ साजरा केला. गेल्या वर्षी नवी दिल्लीत १६ राज्यातील प्रतिनिधींनी ‘दशकपूर्ती सोहळा’ साजरा केला यंदा नागपूर येथे हा सोहळा झाला. त्यात प्रामुख्याने संविधानातील पाचव्या आणि सहाव्या अनुसूचीवर [...]

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Myanmar: Rohingya Humanitarian Crisis – Kiran Rajguru

Since August 2017, the Rohingya people remain caught in a state of humanitarian crisis. As the Burmese security forces continue to incite monstrous violence against them, more than half a million have fled the Rakhine state. The United Nations has labeled the acts of arson, rape, mass killings and shelling as “a textbook case of ethnic cleansing”. The Burmese Government [...]

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Interface – Vol 12

10th of December is celebrated as World Human Rights Day. In the month of its celebration this year, we observe the blatant ignorance of basic humanity. Access to education, nutrition, and a life free from exploitation are the basic tenets of the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and our Constitution. In the very beginning of the month, [...]

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Interface – Vol 9

Abdallah Al-Omari, a Syrian artist, painted a series called the ‘Vulnerability Series’ featuring world leaders as refugees. In the words of Al-Omari, “I wanted to take away their power not to serve me and my pain but to give those leaders back their humanity and the audience an insight into what the power of vulnerability can achieve”. At a point in time when [...]

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