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Post Graduate Certificate Course in Public Policy and Advocacy


Last Date of Application 20th September 2020

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What is this course all about?
This is an online post graduate certificate course on public policy and advocacy certified by National Centre for Advocacy Studies (NCAS)

What is the duration of the course?
The course duration is of three months October 2020 to December 2020. The course will be for 3 hours per day 5 days a week in the evening.

Why you should take this course?
Public policies influence everybody’s life. Good public policies are essential for transforming societies and making the world a better place for all. Understanding complexities of public issues and designing effective policy solutions and governance processes to address those issues are challenging tasks. Advocacy is an art of influencing policy formulation and governance. The policy-makers and development sector organisations, irrespective of the theme they choose to work on, are relying on the expertise of trained personnel to understand and fathom new challenges, issues and suggest and design policy solutions. But there is a dearth of skill and perspective when it comes to public policy advocates. Policy studies and advocacy is both a socially fulfilling experience and a career opportunity. NCAS is offering this online certificate course to up skill yourself during the pandemic and boost your career.

What will you learn from the course?
This course focuses on Public Policy Advocacy as a practical tool and skillset necessary for policy studies and advocacy. A meticulously formulated curriculum to understand the complexities of the Indian condition – its social fabric, economics and politics – both academically and in the context of socio-cultural realities, will guide this programme for preparing youth in the praxis of people-centered advocacy. The course content includes understanding the society, theory and practice of public policy, institutions of governance and theory and practice of advocacy and research methods. The curriculum combines the theory and practice of engaging with public policy issues and its advocacy at various levels. Methodology includes classroom sessions, case studies and films, interactions with policy researchers, academics and practitioners and subject experts. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, academic inputs and interactive sessions will be held using online communication platforms. All learning material will be made available in soft forms and submissions will also be made electronically.

What is the course structure?
The course structure will be as follows:

Course Name Contents
Public Policy: Theory and Practice
  • Nature and Scope
  • Typologies of Public Policy
  • Policy Inputs, Policy Outputs and Policy Outcomes
  • Policy Analysis
  • Changing Contours of Public Policy
Policy Advocacy
  • Social Change and Social Action
  • Theory and Practice of Advocacy
  • Power, Politics and Policy
  • Approaches to Advocacy
  • Tools and strategies of Advocacy
  • People-Centred Advocacy
  • Institutions and Systems of Governance
  • Policy-Making Structures and Processes
  • Intergovernmental Relations and Policy-Making
  • Public Policy and Civil Society
  • Transparency-Accountability-Participation and Public Policy

What will you need?
For pursuing this course one will require a stable internet connectivity and one’s personal device for attending the lectures online.

Who can apply?
Both fresh graduates and post graduate’s students and working professionals can apply for the course. There is no age limit for the course.

How to apply?
Fill in your details through this application form

How will the course be certified?
Students’ performance will be evaluated against assignments and dissertation/thesis. After successful submissions, one will get a certification of completion from NCAS.

What is the course fee?
The course fee is Rs.10000 for three months inclusive of the application fee. The fees have to be paid online. The details of the same is provided in the application form instruction.

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