Adivasi Resource Center

NCAS has been working on governance and livelihoods issues of the marginalised communities from a rights based perspective since its inception. Adivasi Resource Centre (ARC) was initiated in 2008 as a special programme of NCAS to address governance and developmental issues of the adivasi community in central-eastern part of India. The ARC was launched with the following objectives:

  • To bridge the gap in understanding of micro-macro linkages by building, consolidating and disseminating knowledge resources      on Adivasi and governance issues.
  • To create space for interface between civil society and the legislative system to deliberate and discuss on Adivasi issues.
  • To seek government to become more accountable and responsive to the issues of the adivasis.

In the first two years it generated, demystified and disseminated knowledge on adivasi issues. The second phase of ARC began in November 2010 with an objective of strengthening its efforts and building on achievements and learnings from the first phase. It continued to publish report cards, legislative briefs and manuals. The second phase of the ARC has a strong component of capacity building of grassroots groups through Community Learning Movement and focus on Tribal Sub-Plan, PESA and FRA.

A series of report cards has been published by the ARC to bridge the information gap between the institutions of governance and Adivasis in the states of Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra and Odisha.

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